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Privacy Policy


Detailed information regarding processing of personal data by Gyncentrum Clinic Sp. Z o. o., ul. Żelazna 1, 40-851 Katowice.

The contents contained in this clause may be forwarded personally, via e-mail, by post, via phone or through publication on our website.


  1. Personal data administrator

The administator of your personal data is Gyncentrum Clinic Sp. Z o. o. ul. Żelazna 1, 40-851 Katowice , all entities related to the company and dependent on it, both personally and capital, direct or through other entities.

As a co-administrator, the data is processed by:

  • American Medical Clinic. Sp. Z o. o. ul. Żelazna 1, 40-851 Katowice,

  • NZOZ 4 Health Paweł Czerwiński ul. Żelazna 1, 40-851 Katowice.

You can contact us:

  1. Data Protection Officer

We have assigned data protection officer. This is a person, with who you can contact in all matters related to personal data processing and making use of rights related to personal data processing. You can contact data protection officer via e-mail: iod@gyncentrum.pl

  1. The purposes of processing your personal data and legal basis for processing

We will process your personal data in order to:

  • protect your health, provide medical services, conclude and perform contracts, provide lab services or different medical services, which will be necessary for the treatment process and for managing provided medical services,

  • carry out recruitment and participation in clinical examinations,

  • provide services in the field of medically assisted procreation, as well as banking of reproductive cells and embryos,

  • conduct the process of recruiting donors of reproductive cells,

  • handle your requests and inquiries addressed to us with all communication channels (e.g. by phone, via the contact form, via e-mail, etc.),

  • contact you for purposes related to the provision of services, including obtaining feedback on the services provided,

  • make settlements for business activity,

  • handle complaints, if received

  • archive data accordingly to the law

  • ensure the safety of persons and property (video monitoring of the clinic),

  • provide high quality services (telephone conversations recording),

  • establish and run the employment process.

The legal basis for processing your data:

  • agreement with the patient/client to perform the service

  • agreement to participate in the recruitment process and participation in clinical examination

  • a legitimate interest pursued by the data administrator,

  • contract of employment or other related relationship,

  • law.

In the case of processing your personal data for marketing purposes we will process it, after you will agree for that, to provide you with a commercial offer and other information related to the provision of services.

  1. The duration of processing your personal data

Your data will be processed by:

  • time of providing medical services and services related to them,

  • time required for storing your personal data in accordance to applicable law,

  • duration of the contracts concluded, and then for the period after which the claims arising from your contract will expire, for example contracts for reproductive cells and embryos storage, contracts with pharmaceutical companies and companies representing clinical trials sponsors, and in the case of claims being filed by Gyncentrum or notifying competent authorities – for the duration of such proceedings.

Personal data collected from you for marketing purposes will be processed until you will file an objection.

  1. Recipients of your personal data

We will pass personal data to:

  • other healing entities processing personal data, with whom we have concluded contracts related to performing medical services and other, necessary to perform or carry out during the time of provisioning medical services related to your treatment process, and which we do not do directly,

  • non-medical entities, who process your data on the basis of concluded with Gyncentrum contract for data processing (for example IT systems support, legal services),

  • entities entitled by law,

  • entities entitled by you.

Your personal data will be processed to a third country only with your additional agreement.

  1. Your rights related to personal data processing

You have the following rights related to personal data processing:

  1. the right to object processing of data, unless there is a legal obligation to process them further,

  2. the right to access personal data,

  3. the right to request a correction of personal data,

  4. the right to request a limitation of personal data processing

  5. the right to transfer personal data, i. e. the right to receive your personal data from us, in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable IT format. You can send these data to another data administrator or demand from us to send it to another administrator. However, we will do this only if there is a technical possibility of sending such data.

To make use of this rights, please contact us or data administrator (contact data in above point 5).

You have also the right to make a complaint with supervisory authority taking care of personal data protection, i. e. President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

  1. The obligation to provide data

Refusal of passing personal data in the area required by law or necessary to perform the service will cause lack of providing any services. In the remaining scope, consent to the processing of data is voluntary.

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