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About us

Gyncentrum Clinic is recognized as one of the leading fertility treatment facilities in Poland with over 20 years' experience of diagnosing and treating fertility problems. Our specialists are experts in the field of in Vitro treatment providing comprehensive evaluation and care to all patient.

We use the latest technologies of assisted reproductive treatment, including IMSI/ICSI, oocytes and embryos vitrification, PGD diagnosis, Primo Vision, EmbryoGlue, EmbryoGen, Oosight System, Assisted Hatching, SCA/CASA System. As the first clinic in Poland we introduced OCTAX Ferti Proof System, ensuring control and tracebility of all procedures in the IVF lab.  


Gyncentrum Clinic implements National Health Programme “Programme – Infertility Treatment Using In Vitro Fertilization for the years 2013-2016” for couples having problems with conceiving a child.

We also offer our patients access to Gyncentrum International Sperm and Egg Bank.

All questions regarding fertility can be answered by our specialists.


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