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IVF IMSI + Egg donation

Poor ovarian reserve, premature ovarian failure or other unforeseen complications do not ruin your chance of motherhood! The development of medicine and help of other women give you the chance to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. Thanks to the Gyncentrum International Sperm and Egg Bank you will easily find a donor that meets your requirements perfectly, and soon the dream of a successful IVF treatment will come true.


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IMSI with egg donation package includes:

  • Gynecologist visits with ultrasounds
  • Costs of donor's stimulation and preparation
  • Viral tests of the Partner:
    • HIV

    • HbsAg

    • Anti-HCV

    • VDRL

  • Female Patient's tests:

    • Anti-HIV

    • Anti-HCV-Ab

    • VDRL

    • Toxoplasmosis

    • Rubella

    • Pap smear

    • High vaginal swab

  • Preparation of semen for fertilisation and vitrification of semen until fertilisation
  • Fertilisation
  • Embryos' culture
  • Assisted hatching
  • One transfer (ET/KET)
  • Donor's oocytes
  • Vitrification of all embryos and their storage for one year
  • Female patient's blood type test
  • Medications until first transfer


Within the program we offer two treatment options:

  • IVF with fresh eggs

  • IVF with frozen eggs


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IVF egg donation poland

Matching an anonymous Donor within 1 week

IVF egg donation poland

Simultaneous preparation of the Donor
and the Recipient by the same doctor

IVF egg donation poland

Guarantee of 2 good quality embryos

IVF egg donation poland

Security and anonymity on every
stage of the procedure

IVF egg donation poland

60% success rate

IVF egg donation poland

Comprehensive care of a dedicated coordinator

IVF egg donation poland

Matching a donor based on the similar characteristics

IVF egg donation poland

Restrictive medical qualification of the Donor


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IVF IMSI with egg donation is dedicated to these women whose problems are:

  • lack of their own oocytes
  • low AMH
  • premature ovarian failure
  • history of miscarriages
  • removed ovaries
  • unsuccessful attempts of IVF
  • history of anti-cancer treatment
  • genetic disease

IVF with donor sperm

Using a sperm donor should be considered when semen parameters do not allow a man to have his own children. The program is dedicated to men whose problems are:

  • bad semen parameters or lack of sperm in semen

  • genetic disorders

  • history of anti-cancer treatment

Couples that use donor sperm fill out a form on preferences about the donor, such as the color of eyes, hair, body build and blood type so that these features are as close as possible to the characteristics of the future father. Both recipients and donors are provided with anonymity.


Embryo adoption

In cases where the problem of infertility affects both partners, we offer an embryo adoption. The embryos for adoption come from couples who have already undergone the IVF treatment at the Gyncentrum Clinic, have the desired number of offspring, but have a higher number of vitrified embryos. Very often in this situation they decide to donate extra embryos for adoption to couples whose reproductive cells do not allow the conception of their biological offspring.
The condition of undergoing the treatment is the qualification of a couple by Gyncentrum specialists and the fulfillment of formal requirements.

To find out more please contact us: office@gyncentrum.pl, + 48 600 466 592

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