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Medical Cost Recovery

in vitro cost polandThere are many reasons for the rapid growth of Medical Tourism. Patients all over the work seek proper medical  attention and care. Some of them are not qualify for a treatment in their own countries, other cannot afford to wait any longer. Couples trying to get pregnant are very often in both groups. On the one hand, their medical condition or age prevent them to start the treatment, on the other hand even if there might be treated, waiting time is way to long for them. Not mention the costs. Not every couple can afford to pay for in Vitro procedures. Gyncentrum Clinic offers solution for all patients having difficulty with conceiving a child.


As a specialists in IVF and Medical Tourism, we provide comprehensive treatments for patients from abroad, and thanks to our cooperation with medRefund LTD, we offer you in Vitro treatment in the private medical facility within your medical insurance covered by NSH.

How does it work?

Any person living in the UK can look for healthcare abroad, and recover the costs from the NSH. Impossible? Not at all! Due to new European Union directives you can choose a medical service provider in the European Economic Areas and get you money back! However, firstly you should go through a set of formalities which may successfully deter you from getting your reimbursement. What is the solution? Contact medRefund LTD to find out what documents are required to start the whole process. They prepare a request for reimbursement of your costs through the NHS and inform you when your cheque will be ready. Don't wait, start the treatment at Gyncentrum Clinic today!


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