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First Polish baby was born thanks to the AneVivo method


Gyncentrum is proud to announce a major breakthrough this summer: Blanka, a girl who was conceived thanks to the AneVivo method was born in July this year, making us and the parents very happy.


AneVivo is a new fertility treatment method in Poland- it's been available in our clinic since 2016. AneVivo is a real breakthrough in IVF treatment as it enables women be involved in its earliest stages of development for the first time. The device has a porous capsule that has been specifically developed to carry the reproductive cells together in to the womb for fertilisation and very early embryo development. The capsule is removed after 24 hours. The embryos are then transfered after 2-4 days back to the uterus.

-The AneVivo device allows fertilisation to happen in the mother's womb. Thanks to it the method is more natural, both for the embryo and for the mother - comments Doctor of Medical Sciences Dariusz Mercik.

-The psychological aspect and reduction of stress for the patient is also significant - confirms Natalia, baby's mother.- My husband and I felt that we were fully involved in the fertilisation process, which happend in the body of a concious woman. This allowed us to establish an emotional bond with the baby from the very first days and filled us with hope and happiness. The prenatal care was also run by the Gyncentrum doctors, so we had the feeling that we were always taken care of - says happy mom.

Our clinic is the first clinic in Poland and one of the few in Europe that uses Anevivo fertility treatment. Among couples who have undergone the treatment using this method, 50% success rate has been achieved. This means that as many as half of the treatments at the Gyncentrum clinic ended with pregnancy.

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