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Music in the incubator




The study conducted by Instituto Marquès in Barcelon shows that music enhances in Vitro Fertilization.





How does it work?

Gyncentrum Clinic decided to introduce this innovative method supporting IVF process. In our laboratory the special speakers placed in the incubators play different musical styles – classic, pop, and rock. Microsounds produce vibrations similar to natural conditions found in woman's body: music together with optimized temperature, atmosphere & low level of oxygen create conditions in which mature oocyte travels through the fallopian tubes toward the uterus, enhance fertilization process and proper development of the embryos.

The research conducted & published in July 2013 by a team of scientists from Instituto Marquès shows, that chances for oocyte to be fertilized increase when the process is combined with vibrations caused by music. A rise of 4,8% can be noticed.

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