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EmbryoGen with GM-CSF (Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor) is the first culture media used in IVF treatment which positive outcomes are proven and it is dedicated to patients with previous miscarriages.


EmbryoGen shows to have a significant positive effect on increasing chances of embryos implantation.



How does EmbryoGen work?

Among couples who decided to undergo in Vitro treatment the risk of miscarriage is around 20%. 80% of pregnancy losses occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and they may be caused by many factors, including genetic and hormonal abnormalities, incorrect embryo development, infection, or advanced age (over 35).

EmbryoGen is the advanced embryo culture media which helps to improve cell to cell communication between embryo and the mother resulting in better embryos implantation process and maintaining pregnancy till live birth. It is used to culture embryos before transfer and improve their ability to implant into the woman's body.   

Positive results of using EmbryoGen has been proven by clinical trial and it shows increase rate of successful pregnancy.
EmbryoGen can be used after consultation with the specialist who estimates if the patient qualifies for the treatment.

Who should be treated with EmbryoGen?

EmbryoGen is recommended for patient with:

  • recurrent implantation failure,
  • clinical or biochemical miscarriages,
  • unexplained fertility.

It is also used for patients over 35 years old.


Ask the specialist about new EmbryoGen culture media and possibility of qualifying for the treatment.


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